In 2011 the CityArt Committee has been thinking of ways to use the Ardent Mills grain silos as art. This being a difficult task since they are 135 feet tall but will bring an artsy feeling to old town and the several vantages points it can be seen from like across the Minnesota River and along Hwy 169 and Hwy 14. The artist doing the ginormous silos is the majestic Guido Van Helten. He is an internationally known artist for creating modern street art across the world. He started out at a young age with traditional graffiti art, then graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is now known for his movement of large-scale muralism around the world.

“I approach mural projects using photography and community engagement to uncover the human stories and site-specific nature and connections to place.” -Guido Van Helten

Food trucks

When the warmer Minnesota seasons come around like spring, fall, and summer the best place to be is outside. The best thing to do is to eat food, and why not combine the two? With the trucks out in the during the warm seasons it gives you a variety of options to eat. Not only are the trucks different types of food but many are whole different cultures of food they are serving. This gives a great aspect of our growing Mankato community and what we have become over the past few years in growing diversity.

Your business here

If you are looking to start a business, look no further than Old Town. With over +30 small local businesses our single voice as an association is always to be heard. Not only do you have +30 other businesses you have the business owners of Old Town who bring you a family friendly feeling. Minnesota State University’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has also been relocated into the Hubbard Building on the 400 block of Old Town. Their main goal is to “facilitate the launch of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and dynamic organizations through education, outreach and research.” That brings the university students to look and see the historic value Old Town has established over its many years. Lastly if there is any need of help look no further than the Small Business Development Center for any business consulting needs.

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Within the next 2-3 years N Riverfront Drive the main road along old town will be under construction. This is projected to happen around the year 2021/2022. This will make Old Town more walkable, enjoyable, most importantly safe for the walkers, drivers, and bikers. Some established things we want done are wider sidewalks (12ft min.), adjust to bike lanes on 2nd street, public transportation alternatives for better accessibility and connectivity, permeable pavement, accentuated alley surfaces and buried powerlines to improve pedestrian environment. Some bigger items are to convert Riverfront Drive into a 3-lane section with a center turn lane and install more pedestrian crossing control signals. We would like to have more space so we can input more benches, art, landscaping, and lighting.